Vladimir Sinitcin

Vladimir Sinitcin

CTO, fullstack mobile app developer

I’m specialized in iOS/Swift and Python/Django/Tornado development. I have a strong Django development experience, both websites, web-services and APIs and mobile applications. I have managed teams consisted of 3 to 8 developers. Now I’m actively studying Computer Vision and Machine Learning for solving better process automation for my clients.My skills allow me to implement projects with both back and front ends and it helps me to understand tasks of other developers in the team, to give good advice when it’s really needed.

It’s important for me to build long-term relationships with clients, so I’m primarily looking for long-term projects.

I’m flexible with my working hours and am happy to work closely with your any teammate or freelancer you work with.

I have experience of
✓ Swift for 3 years.
✓ DHTML for 6 years (HTML,CSS3, JavaScript),
✓ Python programming for 5 years (Django/Tornado/Flask)

iOS development tech and tools:
✓ CoreData
✓ CocoaPods
✓ Fabric(Crashlytcs, Answers)
✓ Fastlane
✓ Firebase
✓ AppMetrica etc.

✓ MySQL,
✓ PostgreSQL,
✓ MongoDB

Backend tech and tools:
✓ Django ORM
✓ Django REST Framework
✓ SQLAlchemy
✓ Docker
✓ New Relic

Computer Vision and Machine Learning:
✓ beginner to OpenCV
✓ beginner to Machine learning algorithms