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✓ Native iOS application development
✓ Native Android application development
✓ Native cross-platform application development

We’re using modern technologies to create easy supported applications, to improve quality and reduce the price.

Our expertise includes these technologies

  • Swift, JAVA, CoreData, ARKit, GameKit, HealthKit, CoreML, Quick (Unit testing)
  • Firebase, FireStore, Realm, CocoaPods, Fabric (Crashlytics, Answers)
  • Fastlane, TestFlight

And experience with building applications

  • Retail and E-commerce
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Chatbot services
  • Financial services
  • Media

Connecting mobile and cloud

✓ Development of Web services and API
✓ Corporate website development
✓ Landing pages design and development

We have an experience in development for

  • Chatbot applications
  • Retail & e-commerce
  • Geolocation services
  • API for different types of web and mobile applications
  • Multilanguage web-services
  • Admin panels, reports, analytics

And expertise in technologies

  • Python, JS+HTML+CSS, Django, Tornado, Flask, SQLAlchemy
  • DevOps, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform
  • Google Analytics, New Relic

Helps to improve market penetration

✓ App Store Optimization audit
✓ App Store Optimization
✓ Search Engine Optimization audit
✓ Search Engine Optimization
✓ HTTPS support integration

Grow your business in competitive markets while using lesser budgets.

Why Atomic Creative

Vast experience

More than 10 years of experience helps us to solve big problems with certainty in the result.

Competence in technology

We are always searching for best options to solve your business problems with lesser efforts.

Excellent quality

While keeping competitive prices we are focusing on delivery great quality of our services.









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