Our tech stack

Agile development

We're fans of agile development and most of our clients already receiving benefits from that methodology.

iOS development with Swift

Quickly growing development language born inside Apple. Most of our project written on pure Swift.

Android development with Java

JAVA language is used as an instrument to create Android applications by many companies in the world.

Python development

Python is a famous language for Web, Data-Science, AI development chosen by giants like Facebook and Google.

ARKit and ARCore

Augmented Reality improves the perception of virtual objects, involves the audience with rich content and increases revenues.

MLKit and CoreML

Machine learning helps to solve that problems people don't. We are happy to deliver such solutions to our clients.

Django framework

Django is a perfect framework for Web and API development. Has tons of features and a powerful built-in admin.

Node.js framework

Node.js is a performant JavaScript framework allows writing both backend and client code with the same language.

Flask and Tornado frameworks

We like Flask and Tornado for their compactness and performance. They help us to make true-scalable projects.

IBM Watson Services

IBM Watson services are a number of implemented solutions built on-top of AI, helps not to invent the bicycle.

Amazon Web Services

We have a good 5 years experience of deploying client services to AWS platform, so they are fast and scalable.

Cloud services from Google

Google Cloud Platform is a pretty good competitor to AWS and an irreplaceable tool to extend Firebase capabilities.

Firebase Platform

Our clients choose Firebase as it's a swiss-knife for a startup, allows to focus on unique service instead of boring stuff.

Stripe payment platform

Stripe is a time-proven payment integration. It helps to support many payment systems for our clients.

And many others...

For the years we've found a vast amount of services and tools and we're happy to share our experience.

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Our services

Development of mobile applications, web services, API, chatbots. UX/UI design, App Store optimization, and outsourcing of development

We use the latest technologies in development, so we make reliable, safe and have a high potential for application growth.

✓ Native iOS app
✓ Native Android app
✓ Cross-platform app

We use proven approaches and development tools, so web-services are quickly loaded and ready for the high load.

✓ Web-services and API
✓ Corporate websites
✓ Landing pages

Save time and money, while you have running a chat-bot 24/7. It is enough to depend on the human factor.

✓ Custom NLP algorithms
✓ IBM Watson Assistant
✓ Google DialogFlow

We are working on the user interface so much that even a small child will deal with it.

✓ Web-site and web-services
✓ Mobile applications
✓ Promo arts and App Stores

Optimization in App Store using keywords and screenshots to your app to have better positions.

✓ Competitors analysis
✓ Non motivated traffic
✓ Reviews strategy

How we do it

Personal manager

For each project we assign a personal Manager, so:

  • Interaction is reliable and the most convenient for you.
  • Technical requirements of the project turned into clear tasks for developers, and explanations of developers — into human words.
  • The development progress is always under control. You always know at what stage the development process is.

Agile approach

You can change the direction of development during project development:

  • If you decide to change the direction, we will not distribute the budget, we will just continue to work in a new direction.
  • Tasks are collected in milestones, at the end of each milestone you'll have a measurable result.
  • We integrate ourselves into your team to achieve the most effective interaction.


A few basic principles:

  • We appreciate your business idea. Before the beginning of works will sign an NDA so you are not worried about its safety.
  • Does your project aimed to improve the world? We are very inspired by this!
  • And if the project violates the harmony of the Universe, we do not take it.

Secure and transparent

We care about process transparency and security, that's why:

  • All payments are escrow protected, so you pay us once a milestone result is accepted by you.
  • For an hourly-rated projects, we provide a detailed reports with screenshots.
  • For all the projects we deliver intermediate builds, where you can test features and provide feedback.

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